Stories of transformation

“Хочется продолжать выражать благодарность вам Светлана, за чудесно проведённый сеанс гипноза, после которого я ощутила себя другим человеком. Я осознала новые ценности и перспективы, как будто-то шагнула на другую ступень развития. Теперь моя жизнь складывается наилучшим для меня образом. Эффект был просто супер, это я ощутила уже в течении суток после сеанса. Спасибо вам за новую меня!!! “

Юлия Б, 37

I can’t thank you enough. I went into the session not understanding where/why these heavy feelings of stress and anxiety were coming up suddenly in my life… and so significantly.  “It’s Not Me!” After the session, I was fully aware and able to make the connection.  Thank you so much for helping me to see and to begin the process of removing those thoughts from my mind. I will listen to the recording to continue the journey and reinforce the work we did together today.  So important. You did an awesome job and I’m so super grateful. You’re great at this! 🙂
Best regards to you.”

Floreen M., 33

Hi Svetlana,
I can’t express how much I am happy! After just one session my fear of heights has disappeared. Being enabled to go even up to stairs and climb ladders felt helpless, my daughter become distant from me because, I couldn’t go to the hike, ether skiing together with her. The session opened my eyes to acknowledge what my fear really means. I’ve been listening to your audio for about a week and when I started decorating or going up high without feeling that deep sense of discomfort and fear that I used to have. Thanks so much, Svetlana, I feel confident and enjoy going downhill skiing with my daughter.”

Karen L. 38

“I’ve been sleeping much better, and I did listen to the recording. Staying awake for hours was devastating and I couldn’t function at work. My anger was out of control. After session I realized why I couldn’t fall asleep with ease, thank you so much for your amazing detective work throughout the scenes that came out, you gave me clarity, that liberated me now from staying awake in the middle of the night! That means a lot to me, to wake up fresh and energized, dealing with life without overreacting. Each time I am going to sleep I feel excited that I will be listening to your audio! Thanks again! It was wonderful to work with you!”                                                 

Klara S., 58

   Hi Svetlana, i would love to share my progress with you. My skin in general improved. I had some zits on my back and they have also dried out and are disappearing. Even some veins are fading. My Scalp has cleared. My hands were super soft and moisturized. Constantly suffering from psoriasis it’s so uncomfortable and even painfull. I will keep listening the audio to establish the results. 

Patricia M, 22

Hey Sveta,
“I have listened to your recording every day, and I’m much more motivated to complete my tasks and get my license. My test anxiety is a lot better, and I feel a tremendous amount of confidence about taking my exam.
Thanks again for all your help!”

John R., 18

“Thanks for my recording.
After Being a binge eater for 15 years, it feels unbelievable to take my power back over the food. You gave me another chance in life to achieve my goals and finally be a selective eater. I am so motivated to drop more and more weight, I am exiting about my body changes. After consistently listening to the audio for only 2 weeks I lost 7 lb, I will continue listening as long as it takes, my goal is 12 lb !
You did a great job. Your voice is very soothing and healing.
I enjoyed our sessions and learned a lot about myself from them.”

Viktoria G.,35

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