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INLITED will help you understand your mental triggers – those things that directly influence how you act and make a decision.

 It’s an incredibly powerful tool, that you can access by tapping into the subconscious mind. 

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First APP that changes your behavior permanently. We have several packages where you can overcome the fear and blockages that keep you stuck from achieving your goals.. Remember, bad habits are easy to form but hard to live with. Our job is to help you to form good habits and master them.



Understanding is power. When you are ready to find the root cause of the problem, you will be matched with our RTT therapist for an online session via zoom based on your language, time zone, and other preferences. You will receive care and support throughout your transformational journey.

Our Application

Here’s why INLITED is a game-changer for customers.

First Packages that you can Unlock for FREE by signing up today:

—- Achieving Goals / Procrastination—
— Self-esteem / Confidence—
—Quit Smoking/Addictions—
——- Insomnia——-
 -Focus / Memory Concentration-
— Overcoming Fear—
– Improve Immune System-

Our Application

Here’s why INLITED is a game-changer for customers.

Post what you are going through in our group. Our certified therapists will support you with advice. 

Join our program, that structured to rewire you for new habits and build new neuron connections.

Track your progress and measure the results. 

Stay tunned for our VR release in Q3 ’23 

The top therapists perform free group sessions monthly from your phone

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Personal Sessions

Measure your success

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