“Old Keys Will Never Open New Doors”

Our old neural pathways in the brain, established on old believes and statements, are acquired in the past deeply embedded into the subconscious mind and make body and psychic responses accordingly to those beliefs. To free yourself and change life to live of your dreams you need to tap into the subconscious and replace outdated neural pathways with new beneficial ones.

Allow InLited To Guide You Along This Path Of Personal Empowerment, Self-Discovery, And Rapid Transformation.
InLited – hypnotherapy and coaching company based on Rapidly Transformational Therapy. RTT has been developed and fine-tuned for over 30 years by internationally well acclaimed Hypnotherapist Marisa Peer.
I’ve been sleeping much better, and I did listen to the recording. Staying awake for hours was devastating and I couldn’t function at work. My anger was out of control. After session I realized why I couldn’t fall asleep with ease, thank you so much for your amazing detective work throughout the scenes that came out, you gave me clarity, that freeing me now from staying awake on the middle of night! That means a lot to me, to wake up fresh and energized, dealing with life without overreacting. Each time I am going to sleep I feel exiting that I will be listening your audio! Thanks again! It was wonderful to work with you!
I can’t thank you enough. I went into the session not understanding where/why these heavy feelings of stress and anxiety were coming up suddenly in my life… and so significantly.  “It’s Not Me!” After the session, I was fully aware and able to make the connection.  Thank you so much for helping me to see and to begin the process of removing those thoughts from my mind. I will listen to the recording to continue the journey and reinforce the work we did together today.  So important. You did an awesome job and I’m so super grateful. You’re great at this! 🙂
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